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to my dissertation.

The advantage of this format is that some of the video,
which make up an important part of the data for this study,
is available for consideration.
The most print-like format is available here
as a pdf file but without links to video and color still images. It is the ideal file from which to print.

To proceed, you must make a choice of color schemes below. The font type and size is determined by your browser, so you can change those as well.

Please note that all video files are in MPEG (.mp4) and still images are Portable Network Graphics (.png) files, requiring appropriate plugins.

Videos and their associated links are in the process of being reformatted and uploaded. The only video files that are available on this site at the moment are:

Illustration 8 video: Project 8, Shot 23
Illustration 9 video: Project 15, Jerome's Day 1, Shot 1
Illustration 12 video: Project 15,Jerome's Day, Shot 12
Illustration 13 video: Project 15, Wicket's Day 1, Shot
Illustration 14 video: Project 15, Excerpt of Jerome's Day 1, Shot 16
Illustration 14 video with audio: Project 15, Excerpt for Jerome's Day, Shot 16
Illustration 15 video: Project 15,Wicket's Day 1, Shot 4
Illustration 15 video with narration: Project 15,Wicket's Day 1, Shot 4

Please disregard the non-working links to missing video files. For access to additional video, please contact me at

Because I view this as a work in progress, please contact me with feedback.

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